5th September

Audi Q7 4.2 TDI Quattro Left Hand Drive

We are buyers of all Audi Q7 models in diesel or petrol left hand drive, any year or any country registration. Premium paid for excellent cars with full Audi service history. Instant cash settlement and collection.

audi q7 lhd

audi q7 lhd s line

audi q7 lhd s line quattro diesel

audi q7 lhd leather interior


24th July

LHD Range Rover Vogue

We have a beautiful condition very low kilometer Range Rover Vogue 4.4 2003 model  left hand drive on UK plates supplied new by Salamanca in Marbella. We are also looking to buy all Range Rover models both petrol and diesel in good condition with fsh. Please contact us for the best cash price for your car. Email or call 07737034477 or 07801110000.

lhd range rover vogue

ramge rover vogue lhd

land rover lhd interior

range rover vogue left hand drive

range rover vogue lhd interior

range rover lhd

lhd range rover interior


Land Rover LHD | LHD 4 x 4 | Range Rover LHD

21st July

LHD Car for summer

Despite the rather mediocre weather we have been having recently we have had huge demand for all makes of LHD cars so we are currently urgently looking to buy all makes and models and will pay top cash prices for the best left hand drive cars. We will consider any car you may have for sale and give an immediate decision, make swuft payment and collect anywhere in the UK or Europe.

20th June

Left Hand Drive Cars

Left hand Drive Cars for sale and bought for cash, The London Left Hand Drive Centre will consider any make and model, any year and country registration. We will pay promptly amd collect. Please contact us for best price quote.

9th June

Audi Q7 LHD bought for cash

Audi Q7 LHD wanted urgently, all models required, petrol or diesel, S-Line, any spec, any year and kilometers considered, instant purchase and collection, best prices paid, sameday bank transfer or draft, premium paid for superb condition models with full service history.


Audi LHD | LHD 4 x 4 | LHD 7 seater

28th May

Audi A6 Avant Quattro wanted

We are buying all Audi A6 models in left hand drive, any year any mileage and on any regiatration. Please contact us if you wish to sell your LHD Audi, we will pay the best price and collect.


Audi LHD | LHD 4 x 4

23rd May

Fiat Panda 4x4 LHD wanted

We will buy all Fiat Panda 4x4 LHD models from any year and any registration, French Spanish italian German registered lhd cars bought for cash, best prices paid.


LHD 4 x 4 | Fiat LHD

18th May

Suzuki Grand Vitara LHD Buyer

We want to buy all Suzuki Grand Vitara LHD 4x4 models any age considered. Top prices paid for low mileage with FSH. Petrol or diesel and manual or automatic.


suzuki vitara lhd

lhd suzuki grand vitara

left hand drive suzuki grand vitara


LHD 4 x 4 | Suzuki LHD

16th May

VW Touran TDI LHD wanted

Sell your VW Touran to us, we will pay top prices and collect. Touran TDI or FSI 7 seater left hand drive wanted urgently.

vw touran lhd


VW LHD | LHD 7 seater

14th May

Jeep Grand Cherokee CRD Diesel LHD wanted urgently

Chrysler Jeep Grand Cherokee CRD LHD wanted urgently for cash purchase, we are buyers of all models of Grand Cherokee from US or Europe. Anything considered, immediate payment and collection.

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LHD 4 x 4 | Jeep LHD