15th June

Rolls Royce Corniche FHC LHD

The summer is here and driving the Corniche FHC around is a delight, these cars are very light and nimble to drive, the coupe does a lot to improve the ride over the convertibles especially in town

Rolls Royce Corniche German

Rolls Royce Corniche FHC

Rolls Royce Deutsch fahrzeug

Rolls Royce classic lhd

Rolls Royce Corniche 1a


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29th March

Porsche Carrera GT Wanted

Prsche Carrera GT wanted

13th November

Porsche 993 RS LHD

We are looking for a Porsche 993 RS to buy in any colour, also 964 RS and all pre impact bumper model 911's in LHD from EU, ROW or US and Gulf spec cars.