3rd January

Bentley Continental R Mulliner

We now have one of our all time favourite cars in LHD, the wonderful Bentley Continental R SE. This one is a very rare 1998 SE model, number 1 of 10 produced, in Black with black interior, special factory MPW options include Continental T alloys, Le Mans pinnacle side vents, oval exhaust and special starter switch. this is an original German car supplied by Tamsen of Bremen, the car is in excellent condition inside and out and has 3 keys and original service book with FSH.

bentley continental

bentley lhd

continental r interior

bentley lhd

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3rd January

Porsche 911 GT2

The beast is here, our 2008 Porsche GT2 is in first class condition with perfect condition original paintwork and a complete Porsche service history. These cars are masterpieces in my view and take the 911 genre to a new level, a completely rare and collectable classic that is affordable and a joy to own.

porsche 911 gt2

997 gt2 turbo lhd

porsche gt2 interior

porsche 997 gt2 jim martin

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