9th November

British Airways Embraer 190 landing

31st October

Rolls Royce Corniche IV LHD

In addition to the Corniche Coupe that is on its way, we have also bought a 1993 Rolls Royce Corniche IV cabriolet in LHD in superb condition in black with tan leather interior.

rolls royce corniche iv lhd

corniche lhd

rolls royce corniche iv

rolls royce lhd

rolls royce corniche iv interior


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31st October

Rolls Royce Corniche FHC LHD 1976

We have just bought a very rare Rolls Royce Corniche 1A FHC LHD from 1976 made for the German market. Only a few of these interim Corniches were made with the chrome bumpers but with the later style interiors, it will be in stock soon.


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16th October

UK registration service

Due to popular demand we are now offering our UK registration service for imported cars, we can put any car on to UK plates and provide COC papers for all EU supplied cars. Please contact us on 02073719120 or 00442073719120 if calling from outside the UK for a quote.

UK car registration import vehicles

26th September

Rolls Royce Corniche III interior

Here is what a 9k mile Rolls Royce Corniche III interior looks like, quite stunning i think.

rolls royce cornich interior

rolls royce leather interior

rolls royce corniche

rolls royce convertible


25th September

BMX bike

Forget cars for a minute, this is my usual means of transport when getting around locally, a vintage SE Racing Floval Flyer 24" BMX bike.

se racing floval flyer 24" bmx


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9th September

Embraer 190 London City Airport

Here we are in the Embraer 190 from City Airport, always a good way to travel.

Embraer 190 City Airport

Embraer 190 British Airways



9th September

Porsche 993 turbochargers

Here are the turbos, rebuilt as part of the major service on the 993, already in good condition it was decided to rebuild them anyway as a preventative measure.

Porsche 993 turbocharger


8th September

Porsche 993 turbo update

The gorgeous 1997 993 turbo in 741 black is nearly ready after a huge amount of work has been completed including the fitting of a set of new Bilstein shock absorbers and springs, the turbos have been rebuilt by AET turbos, the complete exhaust has been rebuilt with 100 cell cats and RSR mufflers by Gert in Belgium, the car has also had a major service and sounds amazing, i will add a walk around video soon.

Porsche 993 turbo

993 turbo black

porsche 911 turbo 1997


Porsche LHD

30th May

Lamborghini Gallardo 2005

We have a LHD 2005 Lamborghini Gallardo 5.0 E-Gear coupe coming soon, Europe version, 46k kms FSH, due in mid December 2013.

Lamborghini Gallardo LHD

Lamborghini Gallardo interior

Lamborghini interior LHD


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